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Founded by a couple of best friends, Jack & Monika, our marketing agency was born out of love for beauty, creativity, and business growth. With a shared passion for igniting brands and driving meaningful connections, we combine expertise, innovation, and dedication to empower businesses to thrive in today's dynamic market landscape.


Our mission is to ignite brands with dynamic strategies, creative storytelling, and unparalleled dedication. We strive to propel our clients towards success by fostering meaningful connections, driving engagement, and sparking lasting impact in the ever-evolving world of marketing and public relations.

Our Leadership Team



Monika Stachon

Co-founder, Creative Director

From kicking off her entrepreneurial journey at 15 to championing causes she believes in, Monika Stachon has always been about action and results. She's the powerhouse behind several successful ventures, including the DJ agency Brick Artists and the renowned Beauty.MON business.

But Monika isn’t just about business; she is deeply invested in the success stories of her clients. Driven by results, she has a radar for what works, continually blending creativity with strategies that hit the mark, time and again.

And it goes beyond just work for Monika. She’s an activist at heart, often finding herself at the crossroads of entrepreneurship and fighting for meaningful causes. This passion sparked the birth of her podcast, "REBEL WITH A CAUSE," where she sits down with fellow rebels, giving a voice to people shaking things up in different spheres.


Jack Adams

Co-founder, Managing Director

Jack cut his teeth in the fast-paced world of creative direction and marketing, shaping visual narratives and campaigns for big names like Mac Cosmetics. He's the guy who looks at a whirlwind of data and sees not numbers, but a story, a trend, a niche waiting to be discovered.

While Jack can absolutely geek out over the latest tech developments, he’s also got a killer sense for what’s next in the fashion and beauty worlds. Imagine a tech-savvy fashionista with a deep love for beauty trends – that’s Jack, always with his finger on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not.


Local talent, international reach.

Wildfire thrives on collaboration. With our in-house team and worldwide network of freelancers, we unite creativity, strategy, and tech to empower brands in navigating the ever-changing landscape of consumer engagement.


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“After our first capmaign together, we hit our target early and completely sold out the course we were launching. I can't recommend them enough."

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